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Our Courses

We offer programs from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Solving Math Problem


Integrating both the B.C. Curriculum with overseas teaching methods, our proprietary program is designed to guide and help students understand math in a small classroom setting to overcome the challenges they may encounter in school. All our classes are supplemented with appropriate homework and quizzes so our instructors will always be able to monitor their progress to ensure concepts are understood.

Program available from Kindergarten to Grade 12, including Pre Calculus.


Our English program is designed to help native and non-native English-speaking students towards improving their analytical skills, reading comprehension, and writing ability through the strengthening of grammar, spelling, comprehension, novel reading, projects, and oral practice.

All our classes are supplemented with appropriate homework and reading at home to allow our instructors to continually monitor student's progress.

Program available from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Student Paper Writing
Science Kit


Our Sciences program includes classes for grade 8 to 10, Physics from grade 11 to 12 and Chemistry from grade 11 to 12. 

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Coding and Robotics

At Keystone Education Inc., we are happy to offer one of Canada's fastest-growing Computer Coding and Robotics program for students aged 5 to 18, Ultimate Coders.


Ultimate Coders has created a unique, game-based curriculum and system to meet the needs of the parents while keeping the children engaged in the learning process and build the skills they’ll need for the future, including coding, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork.


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